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My Discipleship Story

When I first joined the body of Christ, I was lost. I received a “Welcome.” I expected someone to show me what to do and how to live. I did not get that. I got more sermons and people. So, I put my trust in people because why not? I had no other direction. But, people let me down and led me astray, so eventually, I fell back from church and Christ.
Because I was not discipled well, I put my faith in people instead of God, Christ, Holy Spirit.

I did not have the foundation I needed to build a strong relationship with God through Christ, to know who I am and what that looks like, to fight battles, and to represent God‘s kingdom.

This is why discipleship is vital and why I am passionate about it.

God called me back into the body of Christ and guided me through these foundational pieces, and I continue to grow more in each area every day.

Discipleship is essential to salvation.

I care about everyone’s salvation. I want everyone to effectively live in their God-given identity and purpose, reach their God-ordained goals, and lead like Christ.

I want you to be Forever Open In Christ!

Join my FREE community, Forever Open In Christ.

Forever Open In Christ: Life of a Disciple 8-week Discipleship & Leadership Enrichment

Enrichment focus areas:

  • Your God-Given Identity and Inheritance, how to put on your new self, developing your Christ-like mindset, P.R.A.Y: You will understand the importance of posture, relationships, authority, and yielding, & Servant and situational Leadership theories as a Kingdom citizen.

You will get:

  • 8 weeks of enrichment July 06 - August 24, 2024

  • Exclusive live teachings Saturdays at 7:00 am-8:15 am

  • Bonus

    • Printable workbook

    • Forever Open product bundles delivered between weeks 5-6.

    • Private Community

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